Film Grains: Locke (2013)

locke still image

Anticipation: 3/5 A guy has life-altering phone conversations while driving between two cities… Hmmmm…

Final Verdict: 4.5/5 My girlfriend hated it, but what does she know…? Great film! I loved the metaphorical implications embedded in Locke!

Locke is film about owning up to one’s mistakes and taking responsibility for the outcomes. The entire film is shot from inside a car and never does it feel claustrophobic. Steven Knight‘s direction is perfect and Tom Hardy again demonstrates just how versatile he can be. The film seems rather straightforward at first, but the themes and metaphors soon engulf the film and take it to places that beg for multiple viewings. 2013’s sleeper hit and an absolute must-see!

Locke Trailer

Here’s an interesting read from Roger’s Glenn Kenny

Locke Blu-ray, DVDBeaver Blu-ray review


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  1. I liked this movie too. There are quite a few if this type of movie where there is one actor in one setting carrying the whole story based on his acting skills and story theme. This is one of the better ones.

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    1. I agree! Locke really surprised me. A recent one that comes to mind is All is Lost with Robert Redford. I loved that one as well.

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      1. Yes, I saw that too. Redford really is a good actor. Although I thought Nolte stole the show, I liked Redford too in A Walk in the Woods. Funny film.

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