REEL Table Talks Episode 1 – Alien (1979)

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Here is the first episode of REEL Table Talks.

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To celebrate #AlienDay426, Film Faculty contributors Leslie-Ann Scullion, Jason Beaulieu and Carrie Lynn have a round table discussion about Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979) hosted by Jason Michael (Film Faculty). Speakers discuss the following topics:

Pick your question:

Question 1: What was your introduction to Alien? (@1:00)
Question 2: What was your initial reaction to the film? (@8:43)
Question 3: Which is your favorite film? (@15:34)

Dissecting Alien: themes, motifs, visual language and criticism (@20:31)

Final Question: How does Alien relate to today? (@1:01:28)

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Leslie-Ann Scullion
Jason Beaulieu
Carrie Lynn
Jason Michael

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Notable sources on the web for further analysis:
Alien analysis:
The Film Emporium:
And how could we exclude Roger Ebert’s 2003 revisiting of the film:

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