Part 1 REEL Table Talks Podcast Episode 03: The “Show Some Love – Summertime – Tribute” Episode

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REEL Table Talks Episode 3
Pt. 1

For Film Faculty’s REEL Table Talks Episode 03 the “Show Some Love-Summertime-Tribute” EpisodeFilm Faculty members Jason Beaulieu, Carrie Lynn and Leslie-Ann pay tribute to a variety of film podcasts in a round table discussion hosted by Jason Michael (@Film_Faculty). Check the news feed for more details on the complete podcast episode.

Due to a pleasant and lengthy conversation, Film Faculty’s REEL Table Talks Episode 3 has been broken down into three 90-minute parts. All three parts are available on iTunes now (or listen to them right here on Film Faculty). Be sure to download all three. As always, please leave ratings and comments. We are looking forward to discussing with you! Enjoy the show!

Episode 03 Part 1 Breakdown

Introduction:   00:00 – 05:40

Question 1: From Doug Loves Movies: “What was the last movie you saw? Any good?” 05:40 – 30:46

Question 2:  From the InSession Film podcast: What are your movie “Guilty Pleasures?”    30:46 – 46:32

Question 3: Film Faculty’s very own: “What movies do you love to hate? / What movies do you hate to love?”

Responses from Twitter: 46:32 – 57:18

Film Faculty members: 57:18 – 1:36:29

Continue the discussions with Film Faculty members on Twitter!

Jason Beaulieu @JayBeaulieu

Carrie Lynn @CarrieLynnLand

Leslie-Ann @_WoolStreet_


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  1. I am in no way a huge fan of Her. However I feel like saying the point of Her is to pragmatically explore artificial intelligence is incorrect. Her is meant to explore loneliness and it does a relatively good job. Phoenix does an excellent job of playing a very odd, lonely person who turns towards a computer for his only social simulation. Plus, the idea of his job reaffirms this notion. His job allows people to hide from their emotions and rather than using an AI use a human as a surrogate for them. Again, I’m not a fan but I think Carrie wrongfully judges the movie.

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    1. And that’s completely fair :) Carrie is a Cyborg Theory scholar and therefore her approach to the film is clearly from the perspective of the AI. I think that you’re right in pointing out that the film is about loneliness, but I also think that Carrie’s approach is valid because the film’s use of AI does bring up many questions as to how people would interact with that kind of technology. To be honest, I’m in line with you on the loneliness aspect, but I really understand how she came to her conclusions and how a person with her background would react to that kind of interpretation of AI.


      1. Thanks for the response! I can understand her argument as well and I think you guys have fun round tables to listen in on!


      2. Thanks! I’ve dissolved the Table Talks for now, sadly, but if you enjoy in depth conversation about film, here’s Film Faculty’s new show with Lee Brady from Big Picture Reviews :)


        We’d love your feedback! Many, many thanks to you for tuning in!


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