Part 3 REEL Table Talks Podcast Episode 03: The “Show Some Love – Summertime – Tribute” Episode

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REEL Table Talks Episode 3
Pt. 3 

For Film Faculty’s REEL Table Talks Episode 03 the “Show Some Love-Summertime-Tribute” EpisodeFilm Faculty members Jason Beaulieu, Carrie Lynn and Leslie-Ann pay tribute to a variety of film podcasts in a round table discussion hosted by Jason Michael (@Film_Faculty).

Due to a pleasant and lengthy conversation, Film Faculty’s REEL Table Talks Episode 3 has been broken down into three 90-minute parts. All three parts are available on iTunes now (or listen to them right here on Film Faculty). Be sure to download all three. As always, please leave ratings and comments. We are looking forward to discussing with you! Enjoy the show!

Episode 03 Part 3 Breakdown

Question 5: Film Faculty members’ discuss their No. 1 films and grade them according to Diego’s format @lazysundaymovie . Members reveal their honorable mentions and canonize their No. 1 films as a tribute to the Criterion Close-Up podcast.

No.1 Films:  00:00 – 59:49

Honorable Mentions: 59:49 – 1:28:50

Continue the discussions with Film Faculty members on Twitter!

Jason Beaulieu @JayBeaulieu

Carrie Lynn @CarrieLynnLand

Leslie-Ann @_WoolStreet_

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