REEL Table Talks Podcast Episode 4 – Star Trek

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Film Faculty contributors Jason Beaulieu and Carrie Lynn have a round table discussion about Star Trek hosted by Jason Michael (@Film_Faculty). Speakers discuss the following topics:

Pick your question:


1) Star Trek Beyond (2016) review and reactions (2:01)

2) Why has Star Trek proved to being so powerful and enduring as a fan favorite?  (40:07)

3) What contribution, impact, or commentary, be it metaphorical, technological, social-cultural has Star Trek provided in its 50-year existence?  (1:30:45)

4) If you were to pick a stand-out aspect of Star Trek, what would it be and why?   (2:06:56)

5) According to you, of everything Star Trek, movies and TV shows, what is the most Star Trek?  (2:19:36)

6) What is your favorite movie/TV series and why? (2:33:43)

7) Reactions from Twitter (2:45:12)

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