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Jason Michael
(Creator of Film Faculty, Editor In Chief)

Jason Michael is a College English teacher, film lover / reviewer and podcaster. He has a University degree in English literature and a Professional degree in filmmaking. Having been a film student as a hobby for years, he’s worked on various projects as production assistant, assistant director, and director. As much as everyone interested in film, he likes reading what critics have to say about movies past and present. He may not always agree with what they have to say, but that is one of the main attractions in the wonderful world of cinema: the discussions they generate. Jason continues researching and studying film as a hobby and is actively seeking collaborators who wish to learn about film, to voice their opinions and create discussions that show movie-lovers that there may be a little more to what they are watching. He hosts Film Faculty’s monthly  REEL Table Talks podcast, and co-hosts the weekly Atlantic Screen Connection podcast with Lee Brady from Big Picture Reviews, so be sure to check those out. Jason’s favorite films include Taxi Driver, Vivre Sa Vie, Marnie, The Empire Strikes Back, most of the Coen Brothers work, anything by Paul Thomas Anderson, and most importantly, anything by Stanley Kubrick.

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David Hart
(Writer, Contributor)

David Hart is equal parts film lover, student, podcaster, and therapist.  Yes, he somehow has time for all of those things.  But only barely.  He has loved film ever since seeing his first theatrical release, The Empire Strikes Back.  Just as a taste, some of his favorite films are Lawrence of Arabia, Vertigo, Pan’s Labyrinth, Chinatown, and Zodiac.  David is a student in a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program in the Bay Area.  His podcast, Pop Culture Case Study, combines his two loves, movies and psychology, in one great package.  If you want more of him, be sure to check that out twice a week!

AshleyAshley Davis
(Writer, Contributor)

Ashley Davis is a Pre Advanced Placement English teacher from the Lone Star State with a passion for film, television, and media analysis. She earned her degree from the University of Houston, majoring in English with a Creative Writing concentration and minoring in Film Studies. She’s spent her time as a ninth grade teacher sharing her passion for literature, film, media, and all things geeky with her students. Now she’s ready to share that same passion with the denizens of the Internet. She is one of the resident Fact Checkers on The TUFF Channel’s show Fan Friction and she co-hosts a bi-weekly film review show BFF with her husband on the same network. Ashley’s favorite films include Jurassic Park, Casablanca, To Kill a Mockingbird, Back to the Future, and Blazing Saddles. But if you ask her on a different day, she’ll give you a different favorite list.

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